Why People Choose Us

Echo Marine, Ltd. provides a range of capabilities without compromising service or attention to detail. We are large enough to maintain long-term contracts with some of the industry's biggest players, but small enough to value each customer and stay focused on meeting their needs. Our staff is experienced, well-trained, and authorized to make the critical calls necessary to get the job done.

"We do what we say we will do, and help customers reach their goals by giving them options, not obstacles."

Service Area

Our primary service area follows the Intracoastal Waterway from New Orleans, LA to Brownsville, Texas. Current operations are heavily focused within the ports of Houston, Galveston, Port Arthur, Freeport and Texas City. We are fully insured in Houston Harbor, and maintain working agreements with all harbor fleeting services.

Cargos and Specialties

Echo Marine, Ltd. provides a range of towing services to a variety of clients and industries. Much of our work involves shifting barges from fleets in Houston to local plants or stevedoring facilities, though we've completed several more unusual moves as well. Contact us to discuss your needs for:

- Heavy haul freightment of refinery and chemical plant vessels
- Deck barge transits of all types, including construction and other heavy equipment
- Heavy lift operations with 350 and 500-ton water cranes
- Dry cargo and bulk transits of industrial and other raw materials
- Deck barge rentals
- Project moves

For your convenience, we also provide brokering services to coordinate package deals that include tugs, barges, insurance and surveys. We'll even assist with loading procedures to ensure proper weight distribution and a safe line of sight over the tow and its cargo. In addition to the five vessels we charter from Echo Towing Services, Inc., we maintain relationships with four other charter companies to meet the needs of our brokerage service customers.

Please note that brokerage service customers must maintain a safety program, and be a member of the American Waterways Operators' Responsible Carrier Program.

While Underway

While your cargo is in transit, Echo Marine, Ltd. is equipped to provide regular updates of your shipment’s location, enabling you to monitor progress and rest assured of an on-time delivery.

Echo Marine, Ltd. also maintains the highest standard of safety – even before our crews leave the dock. We prepare them with regular training in safety, security, “rules of the road,” first aid, CPR and drug awareness. We also conduct our business by the guidelines set forth in the American Waterways Operators’ Responsible Carrier Program.